Things you need to avoid for the ice cream cone cover customization

It is a true fact that the ice cream cone sleeves need an auspicious design that engages more and more audiences toward purchasing the ice cream cones. However, the packaging makers allow the clients to select their product packaging design as per their requirements. But sometimes, the design that clients create would not look astonishing and heart-winning. That’s the reason packaging engineers advise avoiding a few wrong packaging decisions; it would reduce the wastage cost of the client.

Here are a few don’ts that ice cream brands need to know before creating the design of custom ice cream cone covers. However, the design that the brand creates after assuming these points in mind would be more effective as well as attractive and lead the product toward success. 

Never use ice cream cone sleeves of low-quality paper material

Paper material for the ice cream cones is one of the most valuable things in whole ice cream cone sleeves. As the cones sleeves are valued on the quality of the paper. If the quality of the paper is not good, then all other things would go wrong.

The printing results on the low-quality paper are not up to the mark, which would leave a bad impact on the overall look of the ice cream cone packaging. However, if the paper that is used for the wrapping of the ice cream cones is of high quality, then the printing results would be many times better and remarkable. 

A Blank ice cream cone sleeve is not capable of winning the market competition

Now, if you are thinking of using simple premade blank paper, then you are making the wrong decision for your ice cream cone business. All and one are well aware of the fact that completion of the ice cream cone business is too high. Brands are paying full attention to the display of their ice cream cone products, and in this scenario, those brands who are still using the ice cream cone paper without any sort of printing are considered outdated. 

So, if you want to meet the display need of the ice cream cone market, then you should go for the custom-printed ice cream cone sleeves instead of using blank paper. The colorful demonstration of the ice cream cone sleeve attracts the customers from the ice cream freezers. 

Do not go for information overload 

Stuffing too much information on the cone sleeves would complicate the design of the ice cream packaging. Such a type of design makes the customers confused, and they would switch their choice by selecting another brand. It is recommended to use the minimalistic approach for designing the ice cream cone covers. 

Few simple and minimal information that is needed to make the ice cream cones outlook magnificent is the name of the ice cream cone maker, logo, sign, and symbol. In addition to this, you can also add the image of the flavors like the chocolate and vanilla. However, the fruits like pineapple, mango, and banana are also printed on the covering of the ice cream cones. 

Do not use low-quality ink and colors

The inks and colors that are going to use for the printing of the ice cream cone sleeves need to be perfect and high-quality. If the quality of the inks and colors is not good, then it would spoil the whole look of the waffle cone jackets. If the quality of the ink and the colors are not up to mark, it will spread when it comes to contact with moisture. 

Contrary to this, if the colors and inks are of good quality and the coating is used in the end, then the design and typography of the ice cream cone covers would stay safe for a long duration. 

Do not use magazine paper cone sleeves

Some ice cream kiosk uses simple magazine paper for wrapping the ice cream cones, which is also a pathetic way of presenting ice cream cones. Because there are also brands that know the worth of the impression that is created by the ice cream cone packaging, so, they prefer to use high-quality ice cream cone sleeves that are printed with custom designs. 

So, the brands that are using the magazine papers are considered low-quality brands, and they fail to win the trust of the customers. So, the packaging maker allows quantity discounts to the ice cream cone makers if they select the custom ice cream cone sleeves wholesale. 

Don’t pick the small size for the ice cream cone sleeves

The size of the ice cream cone covers also matters a lot, especially when the ice cream cones are packed for takeaway purposes. The small size ice cream cone sleeve is unable to cover the whole cone, and it would leave a bad impact on the customers. 

On the other hand, the small size ice cream cone covers would make the ice cream waffle soggy, and its taste does not remain fresh. So, the ice cream brands need the proper size of the cone covers. It is the benefit of the customization that allows the clients to choose any size, color contrast, and the printing of the ice cream cone covers. 

The crux of the discussion

The whole discussion showcase that the packaging design only works if it is made according to the customer preferences and market trends. Otherwise, the brands need to struggle more and invest more in the marketing of their ice cream cones. So, you need to go for the custom ice cream cone wrappers and then make your ice cream brand image distinctive.